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Be different. Be unique. Be authentic. Let me help you stand out from the crowd and find your voice. I aim to design and create strong brand images that speak to its audience, and help you reach your Brand Power.  Big or small, I help businesses  bring their vision to life and to bring out their star quality!

Every brand has a story to tell, so what's yours? 


I'm Orit, a creative 

graphic designer

Imagine having any kind of superpower?
What would it be?

Growing up watching super heroes movies, obviously I dreamed like everyone of being able to fly or to have some kind of super human strength.. but let's be real, these only exist in the movies…

Now, if you're still with me, I probably have you all confused and wondering "now what does this all have to do with some girl being a designer??"

Well, after graduating with a Graphic Design degree, and then with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, I was taught to think, to analyze, to question and to probe. I was a natural "human watcher", observing people's interactions and behaviors over coffee, at coffee shops, only strengthening my skills at understanding consumer behavior and what makes people tick.

As a designer, I am forever contemplating the world around me, at every piece of design, advertising, poster, restaurant menu, and so on. I go beyond the big picture, I see the details, the composure, the texture, the tones, the contrast, the alignment, the colors.


After accumulating work experience in advertising agencies and working solo, something happened, and every client came back to me with the same awed expression, that my designs were exactly what they had envisioned. When I realized that I could easily go into my clients' head and recreate their vision time after time, that's when I realized that that's some cool power to have! Bringing people's vision to life was my superpower.

What's yours?


Hi, my name is Orit,
I'm a Canadian Graphic Designer now based in Israel.

I speak French, English, Hebrew and bits of Italian.
My French family nicknamed me "La Miss" and I thereafter just went by the name "missorit".

My creativity stems from a wide spectrum of mediums and I am drawn to art, history (especially Medieval and Renaissance English history), writing and storytelling, photography, nature, astronomy, listening to music and movie scores, piano and composing, and technology.

Specialties: Graphic design, Advertising, Creative, Branding and Identity, Copywriting, Storytelling, Video Editing, Social Media

Orit Misrachi Edri
Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Content Writer and Storyteller

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